Dorking Osteopathy

I have been qualified for 33 years and established in Dorking since 1993.

In that time I have treated many people of the town and surrounding areas.

People seek help from me for so many reasons. From the obvious low  back pain, to upper back and neck, and increasingly since the covid pandemic, jaw and headache pain.

I believe in a shared approach to physical healthcare, with the patient following instructions to help themselves. Together with me carrying out the required treatment.

I have a straightforward method, whether it be shoulder pain, knees, ankles, or elbows, which always involves looking back at the spine, taking the whole body into consideration.

With the aim always, to enable the patient to get back to doing the things they enjoy doing as quickly as possible.

In these days of working from home, the setup of the work station, is crucially important to avoid postural compensation. This is brought on by sitting hunched over the laptop on the sofa all day, or endless zoom calls looking into a camera that is too low for you.

I love my job, and feel immensely privileged to provide a valued service and get to know the people of this lovely town of Dorking, and to be there when help is needed.

Samantha Taylor

Samantha Taylor


Experience: 33 years

Contact No: 01306 741152

Address: 97 South St, Dorking RH4 2JU